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Inmate Information Details

SID Number:    05241648

TDCJ Number:    01349716


Race:    H

Gender:    M

Age:    46

Maximum Sentence Date:    LIFE SENTENCE        CUMULATIVE OFFENSES

Current Facility:    BENCH WARRANT

Projected Release Date:    NOT AVAILABLE

Parole Eligibility Date:    2045-04-26

Inmate Visitation Eligible:   


Scheduled Release Date:
Inmate is not scheduled for release at this time.

Scheduled Release Type:
Will be determined when release date is scheduled.

Scheduled Release Location:
Will be determined when release date is scheduled.

Offense History:

Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Sentence (YY-MM-DD)
1995-11-04 AGG ASLT 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-0386-96-A 8-00-00
1994-03-16 FAIL STOP RENDER AID 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-2381-94-A 5-00-00
1994-03-16 POSS MARIHUANA 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-2381-94-A 5-00-00
1994-06-20 UNAUTH USE MTR VEH 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-2381-94-A 5-00-00
1994-11-29 AGG ASLT 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-0134-95-A 8-00-00
1995-10-19 AGG ASLT 1996-11-06 HIDALGO CR-2017-95-A 8-00-00
2005-03-23 CAPITAL MURDER 2006-02-17 HIDALGO CR-2377-05-A 9999-99-99
2005-03-23 AGG KIDNAPPING 2006-02-17 HIDALGO CR-2377-05-A 15-00-00
2004-05-11 ATT CAPITAL MURDER 2007-12-13 WEBB 2006(CRO00452-D3) 9999-99-99

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The Texas Department of Criminal Justice updates this information regularly to ensure that it is complete and accurate, however this information can change quickly. Therefore, the information on this site may not reflect the true current location, status, scheduled termination date, or other information regarding an inmate.

For questions and comments, you may contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, at (936) 295-6371 or This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.

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